Meet Tye Jones

Tye is a strong, driven, compassionate and loving young woman that loves to assist with enhancing the quality of life. Tye, was born and raised in the Morrisania section of the Bronx where she still resides. Tye decided to utilize her love for helping others and seeing results to launch her career as a coach, author and motivational speaker. Throughout her studies, her drive has been the same and that is to help and assist others. She is best known for her “straight no chaser” direct approach, yet her heart and passion exceeds her ability to be stern as one can always feel the genuineness of her heart

Tye, has worked for more then 15 years in the human services sector. From non-profit organizations to hospitals, she has managed to coach or motivate a colleague to excel in utilizing the importance of enhancing their quality of life. Her most recent position as a Registration Manager confirmed her ability to connect with her peers, and the community. Since following her heart and stepping fully into her purpose, Tye has been supported by previous coworkers, parents, supervisors and most importantly her clients whom she has established long term partnerships.